10 things to do on 420 Day

It’s here. The 4/20 day. Feels like any bloody day, it’s raining & ‘sunning’, you are probably reading this at work and either dreaming of the brownies you are having later or already dreaming from the joint you started the day with. Or maybe you are just at home and waiting for the day to heat up. Well, FLASHNEWS! day is going to be as normal as ever if you don’t get up and find a way to make it happen. Below are 10 things you can try. Kindly drop something different if you have in the comments section so we can join you. The festival celebration for today comes up on Saturday and boy it is going to be very loud soon. Remember to get your ticket asap.


Top 10 things to do today.

  1. Buy your kush from the shadiest place possible – We are going to put a disclaimer. Do not call us if you get caught by police. But if area boys are trying to beat you up, hola!!! We will show and join you to fight, then we will run to somewhere where we can see water, calm our panting hearts down, and smoke shitty weed.
  2. Bingwatch stoner movies – Call a boo. Or a fellow stoner. Get house properly ready. Get food and roll up. Some movies to try go from Friday series (Ice Cube, Chris Tucker), Pineapple Express, Titanic(jokes), Half Baked, Harold & Kumar, etc.
  3. Paint or Draw – If you have the time to get supplies, better, else, find water color and cardboard, have the story/picture in your mind, roll one up, light it…. and pass out. Or finish a stunning painting that will leave us like wow at the festival.
  4. Smoke kiss – Does this need explanation? Perfect way to start the kush and chill planned for the day.
  5. Smoke with a relative, an older one – Cos family is key and what is a little family awkwardness. The plus side of this are the stories you will both share.
  6. Binge eat – Like Shaggy & Scooby Doo. Order the biggest pizza size you never tried, or order x3 of your normal food order at The Place, whichever way, just binge eat today. Definitely means you will have smoked as much.
  7. 420 collection – Take a picture of anywhere/anything you see 4/20 on. Just walked into work and saw my sign in register with 4/20/2017 right on time. Hell yeah, it’s 4/20, the sign is everywhere.
  8. Go somewhere beautiful to get high –Top notes is the Airtel signboard at 3rd mainland, or the water side under 3rd mainland. If you having the means, you can take a helicopter ride or go to them private beaches to do this. An easier option will be to turn up at Foreshore Harbour.
  9. Movie watching – This is linked to #2 above. But the difference is you take a hit anytime someone mentions weed or you see anything weed related in the movie.
  10. Have a lovely day, eat a brownie, smoke a joint, hit a shisha pot up. Just have a lovely 420 day with friends or other stoners… or better still pick on the festival games and start practicing.

Happy 4/20 day!

-Oga Kunle

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