Festival Update

Festival Update

We thought a place to talk away from the public was safe for their own interest.

The community has been set up to give any anon a place to concentrate and actually express themselves. A place to start chaos and control it’s effects. Our festival coming up on Saturday will try to create an atmosphere where everyone will engage & connect based on ‘wetin dey my head to reason’.

There will be old & new smoking/drinking games to play. Pick something among card games, drinking games, food, music, silent movie, and accessories on display. If you can weather it, we will be having the re-introduction of phish-head. If you are new to smoking games, see some below and learn the rules now…unless you go so smoke..

Cards Against Humanity (card game) – When decorum and home training was the order of the day, and hyprocrisy was the law, humanity needed an intervention to safely express filth and get rid of inappropriate propagations. The Cards Against Humanity tests your creativity in coming up with the best, witty and humorous card combinations. Find out what Obama does in the closet, or who a scarecrow goes home with in this card game.


21 (card game)- 21 is all about matching your cards to come out as near to 21 as possible or exactly 21. Be careful you dont go over the 21 limit or you will be shuffling cards for others all night. This game gets tricky when you are not familiar with all its rules, but fret not, you will easily get the hang of it from where your guts and wit will take care of the rest.

21 cards

21 (Hit a bong/drink game)- Yes, officer, I can walk a straight line but what do you mean 14 comes after 6, and why should I dab when we get to 5. 21, the drinking game is all about getting your numbers (or actions) right according to the set rules. Get familiar before joining the nearest table, and remember, 7 is 14 and 14 is 7. At least you shouldn’t forget this.

Hit a bong

Lemon (drinking game/hit a bong)- When life gives you lemons, you grab a table with friends and play the game. Lemon 1, Lemon 2, how much can you pay attention to your lemon. Remember to always get out of a loop as fast as possible, except you are like a veteran and you can cast spells.

Lemon 2

StripChoker (strip/bong game): You choke on a hit, you take off some clothes. It’s that simple and it prevents people wasting herb. I ALWAYS LOSE. I play to lose.

Puff & Paint – Puff one, Puff two, now get out your Da Vinci and pant the drawing done by our artists. If you have a portrait done of you, this is your chance to paint yourselves in the best colors, literally. We can’t wait to see what inspiration you get.


Silent Movie/Disco – Listen to comedy flicks, movie mentions or switch the channel at any point to the selected playlist. It’s all loud so introvert away.


Traffic Lights/Taxi (bong/hit game) – In order to play Taxi, you will first choose the number of hits to take per turn. (Two hits is a good starting point.) Gather everyone into a circle and have the first player hit the joint. Player 1 will then pass the joint to the left without exhaling. Each player must hold their breath until the joint works itself around the entire circle and back to him/her. If any player fails to hold their breath (laughs, chokes, etc.) until the joint has made a full loop around the circle, that player is skipped on the following round. Then you increase the number of hits for next round.

Last Man Standing (bong/hit game) – This game is very similar to Taxi, but is best played with only two players. The first player takes one hit and then hands the joint to the second player who also takes one hit. Each round, the number of hits is increased by one. For example, on Round 4, each player will be taking four hits before they pass the joint. Just like above, each player must hold their breath until it is their turn to hit again.

Non-Smiling Game – Pretty self explanatory…you aren’t allowed to smile! Anyone caught smiling has to perform a pre-arranged penalty….. *I don dey laugh already*
Names & Categories – You know it na. First person calls a category and everyone is to mention subsets of the category of whatever the rule may be. A harder level of this will be for the next person to start their word with the last letter of the previous persons word. For example;
Category – Bands
First Person – One Direction
Second Person – Nickelback
Third Person – Errrm, errm,
Circle – puff abeg!!!!


Free brownies for first 40 people courtesy Momaqakes


Accessories & Paraphernalia will be on display by

House of Green

420 Culture

420 culture


Sex Toys

Please remember that while we want as many people as possible, the festival has to/needs to remain under the radar. Security is guaranteed, we will be having Lasgidi’s finest protecting our rear on this mission. #DontLoudThis
Kindly remind your friends who want to come but aren’t sure yet that tickets will cost N3000 at the gate.
We want to thank our main sponsors making this come through, Momaqakes, Silent Movie and the incredible Last Shot. We wouldn’t be able to do this without them.
Venue will be released on Friday. You can still pay here.

– #SLL

PS: We are looking for Burna Boy to come home. If found, tell him the family will be meeting and he is expected to show up.

Burna Boy

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