4 ways to grind kush without grinder

We’ve all been there. There is kush but no grinder. It’s annoying to use your hand to grind, especially loud and the way it sticks. Listed below are home alternatives you can use to get the job done. It might not do it well but hey ….

1) Coin and pill bottle – The technique is to put the kush in the pill bottle and drop the coin in, close and shake.

The coin bounces off the walls of the pill bottle and ‘shreds’ the kush. If you don’t have a pill bottle, you can reason something that will work, main idea is to use the coin.

2) Knife and cutting board – For real. Yess, just like ugwu or ewedu. You might be using a smaller knife though and a plate. We agree your hands might still get sticky. Make sure to rinse the knife before using to cut ugwu o. Don’t want grandma twerking during fellowship now do we?

3) Scissors in a shot glass – Simply place your kush in a shot glass and use the scissors to tear it apart. Easy as A, B, Weed.


4) ATM card – The idea is to use the raised numbers on your card to grind the kush.

Do you have any tricks you use? Share with us!

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