Why does smoking give you red eyes

Trick question abi? I will come back to why it’s a trick question in a bit. But I bet you know how it happens, you light one or two or 5 up (why are you lighting 5 joints though), and already you can tell your eyes are leery and red. What causes it? Why does it happen? Well, I’m about to let you know.

Red eyes has been attributed to smoke entering your eyes generally and this can be evidenced when tobacco smoke enters your eyes as well. Well no! Smoking is not what makes your eye red. At least in this scenario, because it is also known that consuming edibles or vaping also gives you red eyes. (You see why the title is a trick question?)

So what exactly causes red eyes. Simple. It is likely THC being its medicinal self. It is actually helping your eye at that point. Sobs. Always looking out for us. Let me explain.

“Red eyes are the reason cannabis heals glaucoma patients” – Herb.co

One of the main things that THC does in the body is decrease blood pressure(Amen?). Decrease in blood pressure leads to dilation of blood vessels and capillaries. In the eye, the ocular capillaries experience dilation which means more blood flows through the eyes and you have ‘Red eyes’.

This function is exactly why THC is recommended to patients with glaucoma. It doesn’t cure their condition yes, but it helps them live with it and reduces the threat of them losing their sight. THC relieves the pressure that builds up as a result of glaucoma.

Hiding your red eyes.
Best option is to wait it out, others include washing your eyes, using eye drops or you can turn to meals that constrict blood vessels like caffeine or chocolate.

Please note that while people testify that using THC helps with their glaucoma, approved medical bodies do not suggest use of THC because tests show that the relive gotten from THC lasts about 3-4 hours and so one will have to take THC as many as 6 times in a day. They claim this isn’t ideal because THC consumption makes the body less able to function. 

Of which, do you know why you get munchies?

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