Excitement as Young Kulture announces 6th showdown in 2017

The December episode of 2017 is looking to have some of the greatest and mind-blowing events we are yet to witness.

For real.

That is why we are happy to see that the 6th edition of popular music tour series will be coming this December as well.

Yeah, Ameeeeen!!!

If you’ve ever been to Young Kulture, you can testify of the music ringing through your bones, setting you on fire and making you move cos you’re being transformed and connecting to the rappers and singers on the line-up. We expect nothing less from the final showdown of 2017. The team promises to make this one the best one yet and we at Cruis3 Control are looking to catch this cruis3.

Get ready people, Young Kulture is set to make your December the LOUDest one yet. You can tap into the Young Kulture vibe by clicking play on the record done just for you… Gatta love them, they do it for the Kulture!!! Bless!

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