50 songs we heard at Palmwine Festival hosted by Show Dem Camp

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Remember sometime last year when we were making noise about the #PalmWineMusic EP released by Show Dem Camp?  Well, they decided to throw the #PalmWineFestival in late December last year. Word reaching us from folks in town and IJGBs was that it was a total and lit event. One IJGB said, after all the spending she did, it was the last and cheapest show she attended that actually made her feel really happy to be back home. Something like that. I was watching her dance to Funbi or BOJ, or maybe it was when Black Magic was performing. No, I think it was when MI came up after we had Ikon and Lynxxx, Dija, Femi Leye or so.

Total shout out to the SDC crew!!! Hell yeah, they got that yeah. Folks were grooving right from the beginning. Payback started the show, (remember Payback from Young Kulture’s 6th edition at Sao Cafe? Remember the name). Then we had tunes from these trio in the image below. I got them(their) names, but it has skipped me. Of which, if only you knew what they were saying on stage at this point. 

(Image credit: Pulse NG)

Anyways, this post is about the beautiful compilation made by @88factor a few days before the festival containing about 70 songs from all the performers at the event. The set is amazing for days!!!!!

Pulse NG has the inside scoop on pictures. 


Peace, Palmwine & Feel Good Vibes.

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