The 420 social engineers – Event production, trips & tours, content production e.t.c

We employ a number of services to tell, re-write and re-construct society today. We want you to see us as Social Engineers.
Event Production – So you have an idea. For an event. What exactly is the end goal? How does it change or fix anything. What would it be remembered for. What societal value will be gotten from executing this idea. This and many more form part of our planning process when we take on any event to execute. From the light bulb moment in your head to location finding to rehearsals to peak moment to cleaning up of venue, we take everything into consideration and plan accordingly.
Tours & Trips – Because, we can’t change Africa without actually visiting and walking the land. It’s all good to sit behind a keyboard and talk ideas, and plan revolutions. But the trigger needed to start a fire of change needs to be done on the streets itself. We organize trips to iconic places known and some we discover in our search for change.

We love Cruis3 so to speak so you can bet going on a trip with us will be enlightening, entertaining, and life changing in a manner benefiting to everyone. We organize trips to events as well. We know attending a show, concert, food fair, and #TGIF is best done with other people. We know what rocks and we are down to get involved in it. Sign up for to get a notification for our next trip. 
​Content Production – We are in the age of social media and all it’s gimmicks. You have social media accounts for your brand. But research (and we are sure experience) has shown that it is not by having the account or boosting posts. Your social media account needs to be fed constantly for it to stay fresh. Like the flower you keep in a pot by your bed side (you don’t? weird). We will help you capture media for your social accounts. Media here involves pictures and videos. Part of what makes us the best at this is the passion we bring into making sure your media reflects you & the happiness your brand brings the world. If your brand serves to REDUCE the happiness rating of the world, we wouldn’t be able to assist your content production. We are not sorry. We love anything that produces happiness.

To get in touch with us, kindly send us an e-mail at or visit our contact page to fill a form.
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