50 songs we heard at Palmwine Festival hosted by Show Dem Camp

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Remember sometime last year when we were making noise about the #PalmWineMusic EP released by Show Dem Camp?  Well, they decided to throw the #PalmWineFestival in late December last year. Word reaching us from folks in town and IJGBs was that it was a total and lit event. One IJGB said, after all the spending she did, it was the last and cheapest show she attended that actually made her feel really happy to be back home. Something like that. I was watching her dance to Funbi or BOJ, or maybe it was when Black Magic was performing. No, I think it was when MI came up after we had Ikon and Lynxxx, Dija, Femi Leye or so.

Total shout out to the SDC crew!!! Hell yeah, they got that yeah. Folks were grooving right from the beginning. Payback started the show, (remember Payback from Young Kulture’s 6th edition at Sao Cafe? Remember the name). Then we had tunes from these trio in the image below. I got them(their) names, but it has skipped me. Of which, if only you knew what they were saying on stage at this point. 

(Image credit: Pulse NG)

Anyways, this post is about the beautiful compilation made by @88factor a few days before the festival containing about 70 songs from all the performers at the event. The set is amazing for days!!!!!

Pulse NG has the inside scoop on pictures. 


Peace, Palmwine & Feel Good Vibes.

Excitement as Young Kulture announces 6th showdown in 2017

The December episode of 2017 is looking to have some of the greatest and mind-blowing events we are yet to witness.

For real.

That is why we are happy to see that the 6th edition of popular music tour series will be coming this December as well.

Yeah, Ameeeeen!!!

If you’ve ever been to Young Kulture, you can testify of the music ringing through your bones, setting you on fire and making you move cos you’re being transformed and connecting to the rappers and singers on the line-up. We expect nothing less from the final showdown of 2017. The team promises to make this one the best one yet and we at Cruis3 Control are looking to catch this cruis3.

Get ready people, Young Kulture is set to make your December the LOUDest one yet. You can tap into the Young Kulture vibe by clicking play on the record done just for you… Gatta love them, they do it for the Kulture!!! Bless!

10 things to do on 420 Day

It’s here. The 4/20 day. Feels like any bloody day, it’s raining & ‘sunning’, you are probably reading this at work and either dreaming of the brownies you are having later or already dreaming from the joint you started the day with. Or maybe you are just at home and waiting for the day to heat up. Well, FLASHNEWS! day is going to be as normal as ever if you don’t get up and find a way to make it happen. Below are 10 things you can try. Kindly drop something different if you have in the comments section so we can join you. The festival celebration for today comes up on Saturday and boy it is going to be very loud soon. Remember to get your ticket asap. Continue Reading

Festival Update

Festival Update

We thought a place to talk away from the public was safe for their own interest.

The community has been set up to give any anon a place to concentrate and actually express themselves. A place to start chaos and control it’s effects. Our festival coming up on Saturday will try to create an atmosphere where everyone will engage & connect based on ‘wetin dey my head to reason’. Continue Reading

SLL – Tales in March at Kalakuta Museum, Ikeja

SLL is coming up this Saturday. We are calling this one ‘Tales in March’. Been a minute we had one like this. It’s basic yeah(as are most of our concepts), we just want to share stories, no formings, real stories of high situations where we almost got waylaid (or kidnapped), stories where we almost gave in to paranoia or cried thinking we were about to die or run mad.

Stories where you lost your way home and found you were in front of your house, or you entered an elevator and wondered why it was taking so long to get to your floor(when you didn’t press anything) Continue Reading

The Mountain and The Wave meet – Ese Peters performs at Cave Wave 4

He is the sought after King of beautiful and enriching music in Nigeria at the moment. For the guys, he speaks what we are too masculine/hard to say & for the ladies, he hears their innermost thoughts and reflects this in his heart touching music.

Ese, equipped with his Lead guitar, will be performing live at the 4th edition of Cave Wave in October. If you love music, if you are searching for something, you should endeavour to at Omenka Gallery on the 2nd Saturday in October to hear Ese Peters. Check out some of his songs we are loving on his sound page.  We currently loving Mountain with Ruby .

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/esepeters

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