2 Apps & 8 Stores to prepare for valentine 2018

February approaches. With a myriad of events according to the radar. The adventure of February (apart from making money) is to find Love… around a corner, waiting at home, in a bottle, movie or lots of cake. If you are asking ‘what to do this valentine’. This post is about finding a Bumchi™ partner for that time of the year-you know, the bone of your bones, the reason you won’t slack again this year-and preparing a for a special time together.

The earlier you start searching, the surer it will work out finding a partner. What now happens after finding the person, you can jump to the stores section to find out. At the moment, don’t bother about events to attend, we will bring you event updates in early February. In no order.


Tinder – Definitely remains #1. Crop your best pictures. Find a filter. Put on your best angles and play the game of binary love in Lagos. If you are bothered about whether it’s real or it matters, read how Tinder works and satisfy your curiosity. Tinder is available on your PC, and mobile device. (It has ‘work mode’ so you can quickly have a spreadsheet on your screen and look busy.)

Twinder Bot – This app is a version of Tinder, but on Twitter. You follow it and tell it who you have a crush on, and it will DM you a reply if the coast is clear or not. Works for both sexes, is anonymous and we see testimonies about it.


You found a Bumchi™ partner. Good. Now to prepare for the valentine itself, below are 8 stores to pick something from for February. The list is not exhaustive, we have tried to cover all parts from food to gifts to…lingerie, Drop a store you know we should try out in the comments box.

              1. Riqueza Cakes – First attack. Cake is the beginning of all.

              2. Mahogany NG – Lingerie store

                Shop Mahogany (image source: mahogany.com.ng)
              3. The roots restaurant – Fine Dining. Ethnic Heritage Center, 35a Raymond Njoku street, Ikoyi
                Roots Restaurant, Ikoyi, Lagos. (Source: rootsrestaurant.com.ng)

                Roots Restaurant. (Source: rootsrestaurant.com.ng)
              4. Best Perf Deals – Smell good, feel good. Prices from N7, 000 – N100, 000. Offers free delivery on select items.

              5. 420 Culture – The couple that tokes together…

                (image source: 420culture.com.ng)
              6. 3diblesbyBanton – For the love of edibles… and the konji thereafter.

                (image source: 3diblesbybanton)
              7. BC Gardens – The food does wonders… and the ration is insane!!! 24, Ikoyi Crescent, Ikoyi, Lagos
              8. Closet whispers – From cuffs, body gear to herbs.
            1. Cuffs from closet whispers (image source: closet whispers)

              Herbs from Close Whisper (image source: closet whispers)

        Whose checklist is looking like this? Well-Done-Ma/Sir. 

10 New Year Resolutions for the Resolutionless

New Year, New Me.


Allow people enjoy things abi? My take on resolutions, is… “that thing you know you should stop or do that if you stop or start doing, your life is going to CHANGE”. And that’s the thing right there with resolutions, people would actually stick to them if only people weren’t wired to resist change.

Question now becomes how do you convince the body to stick to change. Mind and/or body. Just the way a kleptomaniac really plans and wants to change, convincing yourself that you can survive without a certain habit… or by picking a certain habit is the real deal here.

Anyways, all the best to those with resolutions, kudos to you and remember, the trick is to accept the change. If you can go far in your mind and envision life with the change, maybe you will be able to stick to it this year. To those without resolutions, really? You don’t have to do ‘New Year, New Me’ but come on there has to be set paths you plan to go on this year.


Please email me, we need to see a shrink for you.

If the matter is more of you have no idea what to resolute about, well, we are many. I plan to make some changes this year, thing is I’m not sure where. This would be a lot easier if Heaven played our tape from the previous year just as the clock turns 12 on New Year’s Eve and we can see our fuck ups but we will talk about misuse of spiritual resources some other day.

All good, here are some few things you can resolute on.

  1. Start a meditation routine Lol. Go Yoda up!
  2. Learn something new every dayThis one makes sense. As per it is almost achievable. Wiki has a featured article mailing list but this starts another issue. You guessed it? Clicking to read those mails. Smh. You can try watching a TED talk everyday or listen to The Moth podcasts. Good stuffs.
  3. Pick a hobby. Sleeping isn’t one. Solving maths is.
  4. Play some more. Now we’re talking. Obviously if you aren’t working enough, then sit down and get work done instead. If you are, remember the brain works best when it is allowed to de-tangle, return to a relaxed state and then start working again. Ask Pinky.
  5. Write a business plan/model. Hmmm. Hmmmmmm. A lil guideline as follows, take a business idea i.e. leather shoes for goats. To write a business plan here, answer the following.

a) Customer segments – Who are my customers. and not just goats, ghast to identify the segment of goats you want to sell to.
b) Value proposition – What are you solving for them? Do they care?
c) Communication – How do I relate/communicate with each of my customer segment. Some goats like email, some like farm news. Ghast to know how to reach each segment
d) Relationship – Now on each segment, you also have to know if you going to be friendly with them or make it strictly professional or just be wacking them. Understand the kind of relationship you will build with them
e) Revenue – You have to know whether this business is going to be a transactional something (one offs) or a recurring something
f) Key resources – Now you have to find out the key raw materials you will use to perform the business.
g) Key activities – The key activities as well
h) Key partners – and the key partners you need to work with i.e. suppliers, distribution etc
i) Cost structure – Very hard. How you come about the cost of your product/service.

If you need help with writing a business plan, hola, I know a few people that will offer you FREE consultation in the community.

6ix. Read books. For real. Reading tweets and IG memes isn’t enough. You have to ghast to sit and try crunch a story inside your head. Maybe you can start with erotica if books are not your thing. I say erotica because you really have to conjure up, in your brain, a lot of what the book is saying, which is really the point of reading, exercising the brain
7. Be gratefulStop being a bitch. Be nicer to life. It will be nice to you as well. Although, I approve of being nice with a bat stick trailing on the ground behind you.
8. Stop procrastinating. Hmmm. On Your Own on this. I’ll explain tomorrow.
9. Do planks… Or some body exercise of some sort. Idea is to live long enough to enjoy this world… and to really enjoy it means you can actually walk or jog in the old age time, not be moving about with wheel chair, unable to move without help and etc. Ask them old folks, money really isn’t it at that point as much as how to actually enjoy the money. So exercise. And by the way, does bedmatics count as exercise? Enlighten us in the comments below.
10. Increase your emotional intelligence. There’s this awakening going on in the world, or rather it’s more like, we are realizing that we are awakening or we’ve been awakening for a while now. Anyways, point is, increasing your EQ sets you up to live and enjoy life better… because you will be able to deal with people better… and we all know just how people are the only things wrong with this earth. Except you of course.

Ok, that’s 10 things you can resolute on this year. Remember, the idea isn’t to force your mind/body to start doing these things. Idea is to gently convince yourself that the changes work for you in a way that you can always continue with the iranu you actually want to get down to do.

This year, we are going to be having new experiences that will be tailored around developing sound and better life habits. For real. Mentioned exercise earlier… we could just as well run a 4.20km during the 420 festival this year. Yeah? Hashers do it every month in Lagos. Run and drink beer…. or from resolution #6, we can start a movie club instead of a book club. I mean, it’s almost reading, it’s just being acted out.

Wishing us all a good and fruitful 2018.
Peace, Love and Cuddles.

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