Why does smoking give you red eyes

Trick question abi? I will come back to why it’s a trick question in a bit. But I bet you know how it happens, you light one or two or 5 up (why are you lighting 5 joints though), and already you can tell your eyes are leery and red. What causes it? Why does it happen? Well, I’m about to let you know.

Red eyes has been attributed to smoke entering your eyes generally and this can be evidenced when tobacco smoke enters your eyes as well. Well no! Smoking is not what makes your eye red. At least in this scenario, because it is also known that consuming edibles or vaping also gives you red eyes. (You see why the title is a trick question?) Continue Reading

10 Surprising Benefits Of Using CBD To Treat Chronic Pain

CBD has been proven to help a variety of different illnesses, ranging from insomnia to epilepsy to cancer. Chronic pain is another ailment consumers have found great relief from thanks to the help of CBD. Elixinol Hemp CBD Oil Drops are a great way to introduce CBD into the system, with an easily controlled dosing system and great flavors. Sourced from high-quality hemp plants, this oil works great at relieving chronic pain. Customers from Australia and the United States know these are just a few of the benefits of Elixinol Hemp CBD Oil Drops. Continue Reading

10 things to do on 420 Day

It’s here. The 4/20 day. Feels like any bloody day, it’s raining & ‘sunning’, you are probably reading this at work and either dreaming of the brownies you are having later or already dreaming from the joint you started the day with. Or maybe you are just at home and waiting for the day to heat up. Well, FLASHNEWS! day is going to be as normal as ever if you don’t get up and find a way to make it happen. Below are 10 things you can try. Kindly drop something different if you have in the comments section so we can join you. The festival celebration for today comes up on Saturday and boy it is going to be very loud soon. Remember to get your ticket asap. Continue Reading

SLL – Tales in March at Kalakuta Museum, Ikeja

SLL is coming up this Saturday. We are calling this one ‘Tales in March’. Been a minute we had one like this. It’s basic yeah(as are most of our concepts), we just want to share stories, no formings, real stories of high situations where we almost got waylaid (or kidnapped), stories where we almost gave in to paranoia or cried thinking we were about to die or run mad.

Stories where you lost your way home and found you were in front of your house, or you entered an elevator and wondered why it was taking so long to get to your floor(when you didn’t press anything) Continue Reading

South Africa Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Everyday is 420

South Africa is the first African nation to legalize  and decriminalize Marijuana growth for medical purposes! This move shifts it from level seven criminal drug to level six prescription drug. Good news for Africa.
Cannaphobia amongst Nigerians is on the rise whereas cannabis use is also on the rise but no longer as a destructive substance used by touts and cultist movements common amongst the under bridge community @ N20 a pot, now there are strains sold for as much as N10,000 per joint plus other varieties like vapes, edibles, dab, wax which mostly an elite ‘few’ are exposed to, with middle class users steadily rising with the exposure to social media and entertainment scene. Continue Reading