2 Apps & 8 Stores to prepare for valentine 2018

February approaches. With a myriad of events according to the radar. The adventure of February (apart from making money) is to find Love… around a corner, waiting at home, in a bottle, movie or lots of cake. If you are asking ‘what to do this valentine’. This post is about finding a Bumchi™ partner for that time of the year-you know, the bone of your bones, the reason you won’t slack again this year-and preparing a for a special time together.

The earlier you start searching, the surer it will work out finding a partner. What now happens after finding the person, you can jump to the stores section to find out. At the moment, don’t bother about events to attend, we will bring you event updates in early February. In no order.


Tinder – Definitely remains #1. Crop your best pictures. Find a filter. Put on your best angles and play the game of binary love in Lagos. If you are bothered about whether it’s real or it matters, read how Tinder works and satisfy your curiosity. Tinder is available on your PC, and mobile device. (It has ‘work mode’ so you can quickly have a spreadsheet on your screen and look busy.)

Twinder Bot – This app is a version of Tinder, but on Twitter. You follow it and tell it who you have a crush on, and it will DM you a reply if the coast is clear or not. Works for both sexes, is anonymous and we see testimonies about it.


You found a Bumchi™ partner. Good. Now to prepare for the valentine itself, below are 8 stores to pick something from for February. The list is not exhaustive, we have tried to cover all parts from food to gifts to…lingerie, Drop a store you know we should try out in the comments box.

              1. Riqueza Cakes – First attack. Cake is the beginning of all.

              2. Mahogany NG – Lingerie store

                Shop Mahogany (image source: mahogany.com.ng)
              3. The roots restaurant – Fine Dining. Ethnic Heritage Center, 35a Raymond Njoku street, Ikoyi
                Roots Restaurant, Ikoyi, Lagos. (Source: rootsrestaurant.com.ng)

                Roots Restaurant. (Source: rootsrestaurant.com.ng)
              4. Best Perf Deals – Smell good, feel good. Prices from N7, 000 – N100, 000. Offers free delivery on select items.

              5. 420 Culture – The couple that tokes together…

                (image source: 420culture.com.ng)
              6. 3diblesbyBanton – For the love of edibles… and the konji thereafter.

                (image source: 3diblesbybanton)
              7. BC Gardens – The food does wonders… and the ration is insane!!! 24, Ikoyi Crescent, Ikoyi, Lagos
              8. Closet whispers – From cuffs, body gear to herbs.
            1. Cuffs from closet whispers (image source: closet whispers)

              Herbs from Close Whisper (image source: closet whispers)

        Whose checklist is looking like this? Well-Done-Ma/Sir. 

7 tested ways to snap back from a failed relationship.

This entry is from ‘Athena’, and she gives us some tried & trusted tips to bouncing back from a relationship, whatever the contract is.


Let’s start with a few points to note:

  • A) The tips below are applicable to both sexes. However if as a man you choose to follow through, note that you will most likely be judged or written off as gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but brace yourself.
  • B) Experience shows that these tips apply to majority of the relationship types. So whether it’s a broken engagement or a fuckbuddy contract gone wrong, I’ve got you covered. Not applicable to marriage though. Thanks and God bless.
  • C) All the tips discussed have been tested by and have worked for ME. No scientific theories were utilized to arrive at them. So try them out at your own peril, and if anything goes wrong, instead of trying to hunt me down just return to tip #1 and start again. It’s bound to work at least once in your lifetime😁

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Edibles 101 – Eating Responsibly

Lady Banton gives us another great insight into the word of edibles and how to be responsible about them.


Cannabis Oil


Blunts are pretty much straight forward; Roll it, light it, take two hits then pause and take flight. Edibles on the other hand are a TOTALLY DIFFERENT cruis3. Ingesting marijuana is one of the earliest methods used by man, Chinese monks would chew this magic flower Continue Reading

Indica vs Sativa (Part 2)

Hey guys!

Its me again🙄.  In part 1 of Indica vs sativa I told you I was going tell you guys about the traits in each, well here goes!!

Sativa Traits:

  1. Energizing and uplifting; for when you need a little kick! Best for wake and bake😊
  2. Promotes sense of well being; makes you happy for basically no particular reason.
  3. Stimulates creativity and thoughts; this can be used to your advantage if you are looking for inspiration of some sort, music, writing et.c
  4. Relieves headaches and migraines; yes it works! For those that dont like to take pills and who want less chemicals in their system.
  5. Reduces nausea; personally i have motion sickness so when ever i cant get the drug i need, i just light up a j.
  6. Stimulates the appetite; munchies to the max!! If you are on a diet or something fruits or salads yes cause you would go ham on the munchies🤤
  7. Helps with depression; this depends of course on how deep you are in. But it elivates the mood generally so it should do the trick for the main time.

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Passing A Drug Test (Part 2)

How to Pass a Drug Test.

The basic way to pass a drug test is to dilute your urine. Simple as ABC. Pack enough water into your urine and you have distorted the levels of THC-metabolites in you.

Or so we thought,

Thing is the guys testing are kind of not dumb unfortunately, so they will look out for you diluting your urine. You see, diluted urine loses color and something called cretinine. So now if you dilute your urine, Continue Reading

Indica & Sativa (Part 1)

Hey fellow cannabis lovers!

Hope you guys are having a lovely start to the weekend!! But before we start our weekend turn up I thought I should drop a little knowledge about my girl Mary Jane!!

Firstly if you are in Nigeria, Lagos especially, this weather couldn’t be more infuriating 😤… which is why MJ is a good friend to have at this period. Anyways my bant here is mostly going to be about different types of cannabis, their purposes, medicinal uses and other stuff I feel I should share with you.

BUT!!! before I start my bant I suggest you roll up and light a J (if you are not at your work place or school that is) regardless I’ll try to make it an interesting read.

We would start up with the basics; there are 2 major strains of Marijuana: Sativa and Indica. These two alone have many babies (cross breads).

I’ll give you the top 5 strains of both Indica and Sativa as at 2016 (according to Zamnesia)

Top 5 Indica strains

  1. Purple Afghan kush
  2. Dutch passion
  3. Royal cookies
  4. Super sunk (sensi seeds)
  5. Cookie kush

Side note: I really hope someone is enjoying their smoke while reading this cause I am😊

Top 5 Sativa strains

  1. Amnesi-k (kannabia)
  2. Amenesia kush (dinafem)
  3. Dutch passion
  4. Cbd medi haze
  5. Blue brilliant

Okay!! Let it not be that my gist is too long!! I would fill you in on the Sativa and Indica traits (basically what effects they have on our bodies and minds) in my next post!

If you are tight with MJ you should be feeling her right about now and so am I😏. Go to the other sections and entertain yourself while you keep hanging out with MJ!

Stay High and Stay Productive! Yours truly;

Dr Mary Jane!