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We are looking for subject experts or people knowleadgeable enough to introduce a new subject matter to members. If you are good in writing poems, or making art, or even farming. We would love for you to take members on a class.
We also would love for you to mentor school kids who we will reach out to from time to time. The idea is to inform & educate them on the many ways to keep mind & body busy. We will agree Africa is lacking serious innovation. Innovation is spurred by information first.

So if you have knowledge about any particular subject and feel you will be able to take a small gathering of peers or kids, please reach out and let us start talking.


Event Production

Sometimes we might want to reach out to any group of people. We choose the groups 'as the spirit leads' and reach out to them either by visiting them or having them around at any one of our events. In all this, we need people to help us plan, reach out via email, phone calls, get all the necessary parties together, etc.
We also like to have our events special and unique so we theme them and always need people to help us carry out these themes. This will involve getting necessary materials, to painting, to designing and other functions.
if you have event producing skills, be it media, painting, camera, cooking, we would love to have you with us. Kindly send us a message and we will get right back to you when we are getting set for any event.
Sometimes, we get to offer 'Event Production', (cos we are the live of the party), in such cases, there might be renumeration for our services and definitely, all volunteers get to enjoy the proceedings.
Clean Up
Cleaniless is next to Godliness and seeing how we tend to be high.. like near the sky.... You getting?
Ok, we carry out cleaning projects from time to time to help our environment. In this, we try to sell the idea of a clean home, work space, park, playground, church, etc.
We will definitely need all the hands we can get, feet too for some places hands shouldn't go. Please bring along gloves, soaps, washers and other things we would need to make cleaning faster...(and higher)
If you have had experience with cleaning exercises, your knowledge is definitely needed and we would like to tap into your experience. So please let us know, we eagerly await you.


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